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Andre Soaresa

André Soares

André Soares, affectionately known as “Smurf,” is a dedicated jiujitsu instructor and competitor who has always harbored a competitive spirit. From a young age, this spirit was evident in his participation in video game tournaments, drawing contests, and skateboarding competitions.

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, André’s life took a significant turn at the age of 13 when he was introduced to jiu-jitsu through a social project. This project provided free jiu-jitsu classes on weekends to the local community. Unfortunately, the project was short-lived, but it succeeded in sowing the seeds of passion for jiu-jitsu within young André.

Five years later, at the age of 18, André took a leap of faith by enrolling himself in a small Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym just minutes from his home, unaware that it would ignite an undying passion that would shape the rest of his life.

2022 marked a significant milestone in André’s career as he was offered the opportunity to compete abroad. This opportunity spurred him to work tirelessly on improving his jiu-jitsu skills and mastering the English language to communicate effectively on the international stage.

André is not just a lover of jiu-jitsu; he is a firm believer in the transformative power of this martial art. He sees firsthand how jiu-jitsu can bring about mental, physical, and behavioral changes in individuals. For him, the most rewarding aspect of his profession is witnessing the growing confidence and progress of his training partners. He deeply cherishes the opportunity to play a part in their journeys of personal growth and transformation.