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Statistics indicate that one in three women will be the victim of some type of violent attack in her lifetime. By training Kickboxing & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu you will learn these 5 key concepts that have been proven over and over again to be highly effective weapons against attackers of women.

1️⃣. DISTANCE CONTROL: Essentially most confrontations begin on the feet. Through our kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu classes you will learn proper stance and posture so you can maintain balanced and in control of the situation. You will also learn how to manage the distance by creating frames and points of leverage over an attacker with special drills and techniques developed in order to fight off a much larger attacker whether on your feet or on the ground.

2️⃣. HOW TO STOP SOMEONE FROM TACKLING YOU TO THE GROUND: Learn takedown defense techniques in our Jiu-Jitsu classes in order to use your center of gravity against an attacker and stop them from taking you to the ground.

3️⃣. HOW TO STOP AN ATTACKER THAT SNEAKS UP ON YOU FROM BEHIND: Learn how to use hand and arm manipulation techniques to get out of a bear hug and get away from an attacker.

4️⃣. HOW TO ESCAPE A PERSON TWICE YOUR SIZE WHEN THEY’RE ON TOP OF YOU: Learn how to effectively use powerful techniques that allows you to get a much larger person off of you and get back up to your feet so you can get away.

5️⃣. IF YOU CAN’T GET UP, LEARN HOW TO USE EFFECTIVE ASPHYXIATING TECHNIQUES TO RENDER YOUR ATTACKER UNCONSCIOUS: Learn highly effective and proven techniques to asphyxiate your attacker while on your back, so you can get away.

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Everything about the academy is superb. I participate in the adult kickboxing and gi jiu-jitsu classes and am 100% a beginner in both.

The instructors and the other participants are more than helpful and even though the classes are mixed levels, I have never felt uncomfortable. It truly feels like a community and I get so much out of every class. The staff is also amazing. It was my first time getting gear and everything was either just barely too big or too small, but they helped me throughout until I had the perfect fit for everything.

I am super appreciative of their stellar customer service. The location is great. There’s lots of eateries in the same plaza and Movita a few doors down, perfect for grabbing a protein smoothie before or after class. I can’t stop recommending this place enough to friends and family.

If you’re looking for a combat community, search no further. Academy is where everyone belongs!


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